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Obrycki design example


  • choose from our wide variety of styles and about 20000 colors
  • corporate design elements (like company colors and logos) can be implemented
  • every handmade floor is unique in design
  • choose from different sealers: matt, satin, glossy, high gloss lacquer
  • your creativity has no set bounds
Obrycki technology example


  • can be used on all kinds of floor, parquet, (glazed) tiles, carpet, metal, etc.
  • seamless
  • can be applied over gaps
  • hardness and skid-resistant features are adjustable
  • suitable for floor heating
  • can be applied reversibly

Obrycki care example


  • easy to clean because the surface is seamless and has no pores
  • resistant against various chemicals such as.: hydrogen peroxid, softening agents, etc.
  • can be refreshed or redesigned (other color/s etc.) in short time (about 24h)